judith vaughan counsellor

About the therapy  process

Therapy is a process of bringing compassionate attention to the relationship you have with yourself. 

As your sense of this hidden relationship clarifies, it tilts the lens on a wider realm of relationships - with others, with life. And with the experiences that are challenging you. 

When you’re here, you don’t have to maintain a front or protect other’s feelings. Freed of judgements and assumptions, you can let yourself be seen, heard and understood. 

My approach as a counsellor is attentive, attuned and nurturing. This can be nourishing in itself.  My job is both to let myself into your experience and keep myself out of it. You won’t be burdened with my feelings or opinions, but I will be honest and you will matter to me. 

The contact we jointly develop becomes the crucible for our work together. Each time we meet, the work evolves in a way which is personal, not prescriptive. 

Sometimes you might bring a problem or dilemma. Other times you’ll need to express or understand feelings. You may be curious to explore habits of thought, patterns of behaviour or how to find meaning. You might want to clarify your values and aspirations or figure out new ways of dealing with life's challenges. You’ll probably talk about the people who have shaped you, how you imagine you’ve shaped them. Often you’ll simply need to be heard and valued.

For the most part, you’ll talk and I’ll listen. Sometimes talking won’t be helpful so we’ll find alternative ways for you to find and express your voice. Therapy is serious work, sometimes difficult, often creative and, at times, suprisingly light-hearted. It is most often described to me as liberating.

It is extraordinary what can begin to happen when you are truly listened to.