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Counselling & Psychotherapy

When I first hear from people, the conversation might start with the shorthand we use to talk about our suffering - depression, anxiety, trauma, betrayal, bereavement. Sometimes people use more heartfelt words.  Overwhelmed. Heartbroken. Afraid.  Hurt. Stuck. Ashamed.  Lost. Confused. Angry.  

There is something universal in all these descriptions. An experience of separation. A sense of being out of step with life and relationship. Therapy explores the realm of relationship because that is where we get lost and that is where we get found.

Regardless of the support you usually lean into, there’s a difference in turning to someone like me. A professional listener, for want of a better term. 

I offer a different kind of relationship.  One which cannot, by its nature, be found amongst the people you know.  It is a relationship of full attention, without judgement or expectation.  A breathing space, a place of collaboration. Through this therapeutic, collaborative relationship, we can explore the potential for movement in the whole realm of your relationships - with your self, with others, with your situation, with life.

Therapy works when the relationship works
There are so many kinds of therapy and therapist.  The choice can be daunting. 

So can I suggest you keep this question to the fore - ‘Is this someone I can relate to?’ 

Browse a few sites, let them answer your personal enquiry.  Most importantly, trust your gut.

I have witnessed many experiences of change, growth and transformation in my practice room. More than any other factor, it’s the relationship which enables this process. I cannot over-emphasize the necessity of a good fit and your trust in that fit. 

Only you will know if I am right for you. You can make contact and then decide, ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’ That’s okay. You will be closer to finding the therapist who is right for you.

If you’d like to get in touch, I would love to hear from you.